“By Creating Innovative, Customized Production Chemical Solutions For Our Clients, We Will Re-Define The Expectations Of The Upstream Oil & Gas Industry For Value Added Customer Service And Local Technical Expertise”


At Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. we believe that the upstream oil and gas industry increasingly needs more than a provider of specialty chemical products to solve their unique and evolving production challenges – the industry needs production chemical solutions. We seek mutual beneficial relationships with our valued clients and design highly customized chemical products, applications, and service agreements to suit the individual needs of each challenge. We believe that a solution is only as reliable as its weakest component, and a chemical all by itself is not a complete solution.  While the industry generates revenue through the sale of products, the business is, or at least ought to be, deeply rooted in problem solving and solution deployment.  We provide our clients with researched advice for appropriate equipment to couple with our product recommendations and enter into strategic service arrangements with hauling and pumping service providers to lower the cost and time commitment required by our clients to arrange ongoing program logistics. Our people have a proven record for developing innovative, cost effective solutions for our clients while demonstrating honesty and integrity in all aspects of the business relationship.


People:  Our greatest asset is our people. Creating a rewarding workplace that promotes and rewards excellence and integrity allows us to continually meet or exceed our customer’s expectations

Innovation:  Continually striving to improve our product line and developing new application and monitoring methods to meet the changing needs of the producer

Communication:  Recognizing the growing need to communicate effectively both internally and externally.

Teamwork:  Working together with other service providers to achieve solutions that are superior for our clients

Efficiency:  By focusing on logistics and careful planning of our activities, we maintain a low cost of operations

Quality:  Ensuring our people, products and services are recognized as best in class by our clients

Stability:  We will protect our business culture by appropriately allocating expenses across all aspects of our business, including technical research, local infrastructure, industry compliance, and sales/service personnel.