Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. was launched on January 1, 2013 with a focus on developing innovative production chemical solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry.

Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. newly acquired 4,800 square foot headquarters in Drumheller provides operations and clients with a hands-on training area, meeting room, and staff offices.  We also have an on-site lab for research and development, routine field sample evaluations, as well as performance testing of many of our chemical products such as foamers, emulsion breakers, paraffin solvents.

Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. has invested heavily into industry compliant storage infrastructure for the Drumheller & Hanna business units, meeting all requirements of the PTMAA (Petroleum Tank Manufacturers Association of Alberta) for bulk chemical storage and Alberta provincial fire codes for tote and sealed drum storage.  ALL Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. products are stored in a secondary contained manner where ground contamination shall not occur in the event of container failure.


Ongoing communication is essential throughout the entire life cycle of each chemical application, especially during start-ups.  Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. personnel work very closely with operations during all start-ups to ensure all applications in place are correct and optimized accordingly.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. takes a great deal of pride in providing first-class customer and technical services.  To ensure all programs are on track and optimized appropriately, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. completes regular service runs throughout the field(s) and submits detailed Service Reports in a timely manner.  By capturing activities throughout the field and communicating effectively, we can ensure program costs are on track and applications are functioning properly.

Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. design custom reporting formats to exceed each customer’s specific needs and expectations, ranging from modest single page spreadsheets to highly detailed multiple-tab based spreadsheets.  By capturing field data and communicating it effectively and efficiently, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. and their clients can make decisions accordingly as to whether applications are adding value and/or lowering costs, maintain well production, etc.

Multiple-tab based spreadsheets include the following items:•  Continual LOCAL technical support

  •    •  Key Customer & Vendor Contacts
  •    •  Program Descriptions indicating; where, what, how & why.
  •    •  Monthly Discussion Section
  •    •  Program Costs
  •    •  Monthly Detailed Inventories, capturing consumptions, costs, deliveries, etc.


Product deliveries are scheduled accordingly based on communication with operations and the need tfor adequate product. Once orders/deliveries are approved by operations, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. personnel work diligently with one another to ensure all deliveries are made in a timely matter with correct volumes and products taken to each location.  By working closely with internal operations and third-party vendors, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. is able to maintain lower $/L delivering chemical, which are savings that can be passed on to the client.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. takes pride in its superior service to each of their valued clients.  Such services include the following:

  •    •  Continual LOCAL technical support
  •    •  First class account management and reporting
  •    •  Ongoing program and cost evaluation and optimization
  •    •  Operator training seminars on chemical safety, handling,equipment, applications or any other areas in which value can be added