Corporate Facility


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. was launched on January 1, 2013 with a focus on developing innovative production chemical solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry.  Right from day-one, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. invested heavily into industry compliant storage infrastructure for the Drumheller/Hanna business center – meeting the latest requirements of the PTMAA (Petroleum Tank Manufacturers Association of Alberta) for bulk chemical storage in industrial jurisdiction and also provincial fire codes for tote and sealed drum storage.  All of our products are stored in a secondary contained manner where ground contamination shall not occur in the event of a storage container failure.   Our commitment to bulk handling infrastructure allows us to accept blended products in large quantity, thereby lowering our input and freight costs, yet we can still deliver small volumes to the field if and when needed.

Our newly acquired and renovated facility in Drumheller provides us and our clients with a hands-on training area, vast amounts of yard space for product storage, room to allow for expansion/growth, and also includes an on-site lab for rapid paraffin and scale sample evaluations, as well as performance testing and continuous development of our more specialized chemical products such as foamers, emulsion breakers, & paraffin inhibitors.

 Infrastructure has also expanded into Hanna where Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. has landed a 10,000L bulk tank where Paraffin Solvent is stored.  This strategically placed containment allows for local pressure truck services to load product and deliver to client locations on short notice.