Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. provides a wide range of proven formulations for tough oilfield emulsion problems. Emulsion Breakers (EB’s) are often best developed by custom formulating on site using a systematic approach by highly experienced personnel. Occasionally, multiple products may be required in order to reduce line pressures within the gathering system and also produce salable oil at the central treatment plant. Other chemicals in place within a field, such as paraffin or scale control chemicals, can have beneficial or detrimental impacts on treating efficiency depending on the products and applications. A holistic approach is often employed when developing an effective emulsion breaker solution for our clients.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. offers paraffin inhibitors, dispersants and solvents to treat paraffin induced deposition problems. Solvents are used to dissolve deposits that have formed prior to chemical intervention. Paraffin inhibitor alters the wax crystal structure, preventing the crystals from being able to form into a solid deposit. Paraffin dispersants keep the wax crystals suspended in produced water, preventing the wax from growing into large plugs that can restrict flowlines. Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. performs a complete system survey to determine which type of product is best suited for your application, then screens multiple products within the selected approach, to ensure optimum selection. Products have also been developed where emulsion breakers are incorporated into the paraffin inhibitor formula.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. H2S scavengers selectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to improve employee safety, protect equipment, and meet sales gas and oil specifications.

For safe, effective removal of H2S in ranges from 1-to-200 pounds per day, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. scavengers are available in a variety of formulations for complete and partial H2S removal in oil- and water-soluble applications.   Due to the high pH nature of many H2S scavenger chemistries, it is common to raise the pH of water in the produced water stream when injecting.

To prevent the occurrence of unwanted scale formation when managing H2S in downhole scenarios, Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. SSW-901 product includes a scale inhibitor additive specifically formulated to limit the formation of calcium carbonate.


The control of corrosion in the oilfield can be a complex problem, requiring detailed analysis and a thorough understanding of the range of conditions expected during the life of the system prior to the development of a corrosion management plan. Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. product line consists of a number of corrosion inhibitor formulations – some have been developed to address specific reservoir conditions  and others have been formulated to have wide applicability.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. scale inhibitors prevent scale deposits in well tubulars and field flow lines to help maximize production volume and reduce downtime.

To develop a scale control strategy, samples are first classified for type of scale, and then an appropriate product is selected based on water compatibility and overall scale prevention performance.


Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. fit-for-purpose foaming products are specially designed to unload water from gas wells or pipelines. Dewatering is achieved reliably and efficiently to restore and enhance production.

Platinum Chemical Solutions Inc. carry inventory of ready to use foam sticks as well as liquid products. Paper tubes are also supplied that can be loaded with various liquid products in order to best apply concentrated surfactants to liquid columns at minimal cost. The tubes rapidly dissolve in the produced water, releasing the surfactant.