We Offer Solutions, Not Just Products

Industry Experience

Our executive team each brings more than 30 years of oil & gas production experience. We have built an amazing, like-minded team with the fundamental goal of helping our customers succeed. We are passionate about the energy industry and enthusiastic to work with clients to develop cutting edge chemical formulations and application practices. At Platinum Chemical Solutions, we take pride in offering premium products and unrivaled customer service.

Cold Finger lab

Solutions for Every Challenge

Platinum Chemical Solutions has a complete line of production chemicals for all types of challenges. We have solutions for fluid separation, production enhancement, paraffin control, Iron Sulfide, and mineral scale prevention, well stimulation, corrosion mitigation, and Hydrogen Sulfide removal.

Since 2016, P.C.S. has focused most of our research and development time on creating unique products for liquids-rich, deep gas resource challenges such as those encountered in Montney production. We have recently created products to inhibit paraffin both downhole and in surface facilities as well as resolve emulsions that occur due to slickwater fracturing additives.

P.C.S. has a proven product line and application experience for flow assurance challenges that commonly occur within Montney gathering systems. Our ability to recommend effective chemicals as well as to rapidly design them when needed sets us apart from our competition.

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